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AMC and Total IT Support

IT is a Backbone of any organization. Having a reliable support system is of utmost importance. With relevant industry experience we are always at your service. We offer various service support methods. They can be:
  • We provide Non comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts. Our commitment is resolution of problem within committed time frame. Our specialty is we avoid replacing a spare if the same can be claimed in warranty or can be repaired. We provide onsite repair service for most of the IT equipments.

  • In this type of support if required we can depute appropriate technical staff who can talk to different vendors and get the appropriate support for various IT equipment. The first level of Technical support will be provided by us. The equipment may or may not have been purchased from DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES.

  • We provide various cloud based services they are:

    1. Cloud Mail
    2. We possess strong knowledge and extensive experience in consulting to deliver email technology solutions that best fit your specific business needs. We collaborate with our partners to create and deliver effective email solutions that are designed to address the business challenges of clients. We offer one stop shop for all your corporate emails, email security and email archiving requirements. We work with dedicated team of Solution Specialists to understand & propose effective email infrastructure solutions.

      Best Productivity Experience - across the sizes small, medium & enterprise.

      Flexibility in Deployment - go on premises, cloud, or a hybrid - it's your choice.

      Enterprise level Security Features - we know where your data is; we have the ability to respond to enterprise requirements. Offering Strategy - Pay for just the functionality that you use. Buy a small mailbox for a manufacturing worker, all the way up to advanced legal hold archive features.

      Regulatory Compliancy - Best in Class Compliance policy, allowing for transparency and flexibility.

      Leverage Existing Investments - End Users, IT, or Support desk will need little training.

      Features of the solution are:
      • Multi-layered protection
      • 99% virus free emails
      • 95% spam free emails
      • Personal spam and virus digest
      • Zero false-positive ratio
      • Supports POP/IMAP & SMTP
      • Personal storage area
      • Quick and easy setup for mobiles (iOS & Android)
      • 24/7 support over email, phone & chat
      • Watchdog Account which can Monitor Incoming & Outgoing Mails
      • Web Based Chat Feature

    3. Email Archival
    4. Email archiving allows you to keep a record of everything sent and received, ensuring that you always have a copy of your messages and any documents attached. By archiving your important data and documents, they're stored safely in a separate folder - meaning there's less chance you'll delete or lose them. Email archiving is the act of preserving and making searchable all email to/from an individual. Email archiving solutions capture email content either directly from the email application itself or during transport. The messages are typically then stored on magnetic disk storage and indexed to simplify future searches. Typically, archives contain data that is not actively used.

      The Email Archival we provide has following features
      • Web & Rule based archiving
      • Built-in Import Tool to Archive Existing Email
      • Lightning Fast Search & Retrieval
      • Automated Real Time Archiving
      • Detailed report and Backup
      • Encrypted & Compressed Storage
      • No Requirement of 3rd party DB Server

    5. Cloud Backup
    6. Are you a victim of ransom ware attacks ?

      Why pay ransom when you can recover your data from the Backup Cloud.
      Your Best Defense Against Ransom ware Backup your data to the cloud today.
      Protect Your data against system hardware, virus, Trojans, Ransom ware, data theft, accidental deletion, natural disasters, human errors etc.
      Price of Just Rs.5/ GB / Month

    7. Cloud Servers
    8. Tired of slow performing Servers. Get Screaming Fast Cloud Servers - Powered by Intel SSD. Contact us for Cloud servers.

    9. Cloud Workstations
    10. Access the Limitless Power of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. Safe and secure remote working with GPU-powered cloud solution Super boost your workstation. Increase memory, storage, compute and GPU in minutes

  • In computing, data recovery is a process of salvaging (retrieving) inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from secondary storage, removable media or files, when the data stored in them cannot be accessed in a usual way. Whatever is your Media Our team of expert engineers can recover and restore data from any media Type with the help of sophisticated Lab.

  • Customer has invested in a Backup soltution and gets a complete peace of mind thru our Managed Backup Service. Where we ensure to implement a backup program which is as per customers convenience and to his satisfaction. This service is specifically targeted towards SME's with a 10 or more PCs.